QuickFreeze Overview

Better Than Blast Freezing

The patent-pending QuickFreeze system is revolution-izing the blast freezing industry. Simply put, it’s better than a traditional blast freezer because when it comes to cooling, airflow is more effective at removing the heat from a product and far less expensive to generate than extreme cold.

The primary advantage of the QuickFreeze system is its ability to maximize airflow through the product for more consistent and predictable freezing results. This is accomplished by sealing the product to the negative air pressure plenum to draw air evenly through the spacers in every pallet. By utilizing negative air pressure inside the plenum, the QuickFreeze System freezes the product much more quickly and evenly. Airflow at the center of pallets freezing in the QuickFreeze system has been measured at up to 30x the airflow in a typical blast freezer.

Because the QuickFreeze system uses pallet racking located in the main portion of the freezer, the system is much easier to load and unload when compared to a traditional blast cell. Additionally, you can leave pallets stored in their freezing position when you don’t need the space. Using the QuickFreeze system results in fewer “touches” and less time required to move each pallet of product.

Faster freezing means that you can ship your product earlier, and turn it into revenue more quickly. It’s easier to work with, more consistent and predictable, less expensive to operate and turns product into profit more quickly. That’s the definition of better in every way.


Using the patent-pending QuickFreeze In Rack Freezing System provides blast freezing results except it’s:


• Up to 40% less time required to freeze a pallet


• Locations can be used for freezing or storage
• No more batch freezing Proven To Work
• Successful Installations


• All product freezes at the same rate
• Each pallet freezes at the same rate


• 30%+ reduction in KwH required to freeze
• Reduced handling costs